Opportunities increase
when you work with others...


Who drives us? The collaboration of committed key role players in the maritime industry who partner with us, share information with us, pushing towards our common vision – to ensure that the Maritime industry is globally competitive.


By collaborating, all of our stakeholders benefit by having a hand in grooming the next generation in the maritime industry and ensuring that quality talent enters their organisations.


Committees comprise of experts from each and every aspect of the Maritime sector industry. They meet regularly to discuss developments within their specific discipline.  This ensures an educated overseeing of the principles and practices of Maritime sector in general and of the EMC in particular.

Our Commitees are the engine that keeps the maritime industry running smoothly!

An integrated freight transport company.

Transnet is the largest and most crucial part of the freight logistics chain that delivers goods to each and every South African. Every day Transnet delivers thousands of tons of goods around South Africa, through its pipelines and both to and from its ports. It moves that cargo on to ships for export while it unloads goods from overseas.

An active voice for business in the current economic environment.

The Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a vibrant organisation, which is fortunate enough to function in a rapidly growing region. Durban’s position as an established economic hub due to its port, together with the current infrastructure development occurring in the region, makes the business sector all the more significant.