Industry Promotion

Promoting the maritime industry locally, nationally and globally.

Industry Promotion Programme

Access to information is crucial for any industry, especially one that grows with the flow.

This programme is positioning Durban as a Smart Port City which will optimise the port-city territories and the constant cargo flows passing through Durban. Further to this we hosts workshops, conferences, and events to provide networking opportunities to facilitate knowledge and port information sharing through collaborative engagements.

EMC, in partnership with EThekwini Municipality, Transnet and Maritime Industry, successfully executed the 2nd Annual Maritime Summit from 29 to 31 March 2017. Top on the agenda was connecting ports, ships and communities to improve efficiencies for the benefit of the economy and the residents of Durban.

We also use our EMC’s website (, Social Media pages and newsletters as a source for maritime news and information about the maritime industry.

Key Deliverables:

Hosting informative, networking workshops, conference and events

Promote the maritime industry locally, nationally and globally.

Information sharing through EMC website, newsletter and social media

Marketing of Durban’s Maritime facilities and promoting maritime career awareness.

Career Awareness

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EMC on the News

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Industry Documents

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Maritime Summit

3RD ANNUAL MARITIME SUMMIT CONNECTING PORTS, SHIPS & COMMUNITIES REASONS TO ATTEND THE 3rd ANNUAL MARITIME SUMMIT Exhibitors can gain a platform for business to business networking in the maritime sector. It will provide small business with an opportunity to interact with other established maritime sector businesses.