Enterprise Development

Development and support of emerging enterprises

The Enterprise Development Programme facilitates the development and support of targeted emerging enterprises enabling them to operate within the maritime industry.

This programme is positioned to spearhead economic transformation in the maritime Sector through Enterprise Development initiatives, by identifying projects and business opportunities that can benefit small businesses, which include youth and women businesses, assisted the transformation agenda in the maritime industry.

In 2015 EMC established the incubator and business accelerator programmes to assist small businesses to enter the maritime industry. Candidates on these projects are receiving training and mentoring to develop their business skills and ensure sound enterprise practises. We also initiated a project Entrepreneur Me, which addresses the needs of the unemployed Graduates. We started with the unemployed Engineering Graduates who have since set up their own enterprise and EMC is assisting with the incubation as well as market access

EMC Maritime Business Incubator

Affords emerging entrepreneurs office space, local and global markets, experienced trainers and mentors.

The Business Accelerator Programme

This is offered to experienced entrepreneurs from various disciplines to fast track their business into maritime industry.

Entrepreneur Me

Working with unemployed graduates, nurturing them into thriving entrepreneurs.