EMC RE-Engineering its operations

We welcome Peter-Burghard Sanden, a Senior Experten Service (SES) expert representative. A qualified individual in the fields of business administration, consultancy and managerial expertise in the logistics industry since 1973. Drawing closer to his expected date of arrival on the 11th of February to the 16th of April 2019 on assignment for the next three months. Mr. Sanden brings many years of experience in carriage of freight, shipping, freight planning, and heavy loads transport to contribute to EThekwini Maritime Cluster (EMC). In his consulting capacity, he has worked with several companies, including steel companies on logistic items. He will be able to provide essential support in the implementation of development projects utilizing his comprehensive international experience and project management skills pertaining to the maritime industry especially that of the Durban port. Working as an independent business consultant Mr. Sanden has an extensive professional background to substantiate his expert opinion and business adviceRead more—

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