Lihle Ngcobo’s Profile

Born and bred in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, 30-year-old, Lihle Ngcobo has spent over seven years    working in shipping and maritime space. Lihle studied part time and completed her degree and various other international advanced diplomas in trade and shipping. It seems nothing has yet   satiated her eagerness for learning about the Blue Oceans Economy for the ever ambitious and  enthusiastic Lihle. Having just recently graduated with a Master’s of Science in Maritime Affairs at the World Maritime University is sufficient evidence to the fact.

The World Maritime University graduate was firstly informed about this overseas opportunity through an online article which contained a speech of   former president Mr. Jacob Zuma where he  highlighted this specific opportunity. With several years of experience working for the South African Maritime Industry under her belt, she described this experience as one that has inspired her to learn even more about the maritime industry. download here

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