Everyone is on board and steering in the same direction with EMC, towards their mandate to improve education and training for the maritime industry and to enable talented people to enter the maritime industry.

EMC partnered with a Netherlands based company, PUM (Program Uitzending Managers) to assist with maritime education and training. The progressive tripartite partnership, between EMC, MUT and PUM, engaged to develop a maritime related curriculum. This serves to close the gap between what the industry needs and the education offered at tertiary level.

EMC continues to facilitate a collaborative engagement of relevant stakeholders in order to advance skills development in the maritime sector. The return of PUMs’ Ton Van Essen, international maritime education expert from Netherlands, marks the beginning of a 2-week long intensive learning programme to assist with the development of curriculum in advanced diploma in Ports and Harbours Engineering (Civil Engineering).

“With EMC, we are breaking new ground in the development of technical training programmes. We had to obtain the services of an international expert to assist us with the development of a learning programme in Ports and Harbours Engineering (Civil Engineering). This makes the qualification internationally recognised”, Prof K. Landman, MUT.

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