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An African Proverb goes: “It takes a village to raise a child”. If the Maritime industry is the child, EThekwini Maritime Cluster is the village, made up of formidable men and women who bring together their strength, wisdom and guidance to nurture this growing child.


Fun Facts

Did you know that every job in a port generates up to 5 to 10 additional jobs on the shore!

Fun Facts

Did you know that  South Africa has over 3000km coastline and 8 commercial ports? Durban boasts the biggest port in Africa.


EThekwini Maritime Cluster (EMC) is a non-profit company with the mandate to support and promote the maritime industry within Durban although at times it has a reach to other areas of KwaZulu Natal. EMC champions and advocates for the maritime industry through bridging the gap between industrial policy from government and the private sector, thereby unleashing the economic growth in the maritime industry.

Since its inception, EMC has continued to respond to international best practice within clustering models within the maritime industry and has created sub-clusters along the value chain. The concept of clustering is widely used across the world to unleash economic growth that assists in job creation and enterprise development.

Durban is situated in one of the most prominent international sea routes, and the country’s geographical location presents compelling opportunities for increased levels of trade and a thriving maritime industry.

EMC is committed to positioning this vital industry to be globally competitive and to proactively plan for the human capital enterprises.


To be the knowledge and innovation hub for the South African Maritime sector, globally.


To be the centre of knowledge and innovation that fosters collaborative economic growth through world class programmes for the Maritime sector.


  • To spearhead economic transformation through maritime enterprise development initiatives.
  • To promote the maritime industry locally, nationally and globally.
  • To contribute to an inclusive maritime training and skills development that will afford equal opportunity to all.
  • To facilitate marine manufacturing by promoting local shipbuilding, ship repair and boat building to increase employment and economic growth.
  • To contribute towards the promotion of marine and coastal tourism.
  • To promote research capacity in the above programmes for the maritime sector.

EMC’S Economic Reasons for Being

To enable an environment that fosters the growth of the maritime sector in South Africa by:

  • Creating a platform for role players to network with each other and to engage with government and Transnet to overcome infrastructural and institutional constraints

  • Bench-marking the value chains of cargoes moving through the ports in order to improve efficiency and competitiveness

  • Improving education and training for the maritime industry and to attract talented people into the industry

  • Fostering the growth of small and medium sized businesses in the industry as well as the transformation of the industry generally

  • Improving maritime safety, health and environmental management

  • Developing the ship repair and boat and ship building sectors which offer good opportunities for employment creation

  • Promoting integrity and high standards of business conduct among our members in the interests of consumers and each other

  • Being a major source of knowledge, maritime intelligence and professional industry development

  • Providing opportunities for members to meet, network, exchange information and do business together

  • Promoting the eThekwini Maritime industry locally, nationally and globally

  • Promoting eThekwini as the centre for maritime excellence.

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